Financial Help in a Disaster

The thought of the cost should not prevent any property owner from contacting a professional remediation company when there has been property damage.
When there’s a weather event or other natural disaster that pushes people out of their homes and creates an environment of chaos and uncertainty, one of the last things people have to worry about is finances.

The government arrives in town, as do insurance adjusters, special assistance and charitable groups like the Red Cross, and other resources, offering people who have been suffering due to disruption, medical issues and property loss some respite.  This is as it should be.

But when a property loss happens to just one person, perhaps due to plumbing failure or a problem with a leaking roof or a fire, it can seem to those impacted like nobody cares.  Certainly, the adjuster comes to visit.  But apart from that attention, there is no help coming from anywhere.  The property may be just as torn up and damaged as it would have been after a hurricane. However, there is no weather crew watching and there is no charitable organization ready to help pick up the pieces.

For those homeowners who have suffered through a devastating personal disaster, the financial questions about remediation for their damaged property are a looming every-minute thought.  If the damage has been such that the family cannot live in the property until it is cleaned up, the quickly mounting costs of hotel stays, missed work, extraordinary transportation and child care costs all start forming a pile of bills that can scare the steadiest of homeowners.  

The thought of the cost should not prevent any property owner from contacting a professional remediation company when there has been property damage.  For one thing, the remediation of property damage will almost immediately pay for itself in the value of the home.  For another, remediating most damage is a matter of risk management.  Without the water removal, mold is a much larger issue, for instance.  And finally, remediation of the property issue puts the displaced family back on solid ground.  There is probably not a price that can be put on that.

Most professional property remediation companies will offer financing options for their services.  This is not only because it’s practical – most people don’t have enough saved up to cover a devastating emergency like this one – but because it’s the right thing to do.  People who are suffering deserve help, and a professional organization that’s in place to help fix what remains of a real critical issue are the people who want to help.  

Financing options for property damage remediation can include credit card financing, available loans, access to third party financing for property remediation services, along with other industry and area-specific types of financing.  The truth is that the property restoration companies who want to help put a property back together also want to find ways to help the property owner pay for that service as easily and painlessly as possible.  Any professional flood, mold or fire property remediation company should offer easy financing and a quick and painless approval process for its clients.  It’s the right thing to do.

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