Preparing the Delivery of a Spa or Hot Tub

An individual on the market for a new spa should be sure to read plenty reviews.
It’s the day every homeowner has been waiting for! Finding the perfect spa or hot tub.

This can take time to shop for and learning about the various models of spas and hot tubs available is important. A buyer should read reviews on the internet, read consumer responses to various manufacturers, and think about the features that are available on modern spas and hot tubs like iPod docks, different jet combinations and even dual area swim spas. The buyer can visit a great local pool, hot tub and spa superstore for a great variety to choose from. Being able to compare and contrast different manufacturers and styles and features live and in person is invaluable. There is nothing that beats a hands on demo to bring the research to life.

Preparing For Delivery

Once the buyer’s settled on a spa, whether it is reconditioned or new from the factory, the next step is preparing for the delivery and installation of the spa, hot tub or pool. Even hybrid units have some special considerations.  First, the size of the gate or other opening through which the delivery crew will bring the spa needs to exceed the size of the spa itself.  The spa or hot tub should be measured in its normal, fully installed position. The spa will be brought into the yard or other space on a special dolly.  This equipment is customized for trained and experienced installation experts of spas, pool and hot tubs, and doesn’t really resemble the dolly one might use to carry crates at the office.  The homeowner should be sure that there are no tree limbs or huge tree roots, obstructive debris, overhangs, meters or roof eaves that could get in the way of the delivery professionals, as these items could damage the new hot tub or spa.

Delivery Day

In some cases, where the opening through which the spa or hot tub would ordinarily be delivered is simply too small, or access is severely restricted due to the property’s nature, there is another option: the spa, hot tub or pool can be delivered with a crane! The homeowner will be able to tell early on if the access opening that exists is large enough, and the installation crew at a great company will educate the homeowner on their options.

A spa installation service should include not only the delivery of the spa, pool or hot tub, but also a cover, any chemicals needed to start the unit, and any steps that will make it safe to enjoy the unit.

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