‘Doris Miller Story’, film about first African American to win the Navy Cross, starts a fund raiser

The Doris Miller Story is an under process documentary film about the first African American man to be awarded the Navy Cross for heroism, which is a highly reputed award and the third highest honor bestowed by the United States.

The movie will be directed by the independent filmmaker  Dan Malveaux who also started a crowd funding campaign on Gofundme to complete this film successfully.

Doris Miller was born in Waco, Texas to parents who worked as sharecroppers. He had a humble beginning and spent his youth working in the family farm. After completing his graduation Dorie applied in one of the few opportunities offered to African Americans at that time which got him enlisted in the US Navy.

After the basic training in the Navy, he was assigned as the Mess attendant Third class. Later on, he was transferred to the battleship USS West Virginia after and promoted as Ship’s Cook Third Class.

He showed his heroism for the first time in 1941, when japan attacked Pearl Harbour, during the World War 2. In the battle, USS Virginia was stuck at least 9 times and when the ship began to sink, Dorie dragged several injured sailors to safety while it was being bombarded from all directions. He also moved the ship’s wounded captain to a safer place.

Unlike several others, he did not back off but risked his life to save the life of many others on the ship. He even grabbed one of the ships 50 caliber anti-aircraft guns and began firing at the low flying Japanese planes and got a few down too.

Moreover, Dorie did all this without any formal training as at that time the U.S. Navy forbade the training of African Americans on operating the guns. He was ultimately awarded the Navy Cross proving that African Americans can do so much more. It’ll surely be very interesting to watch the story of this brave man in a documentary film Dollis Miller Story which will be made successfully with the help of Gofundme campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise 30k which will be utilized to cover the travel expenses, editing, crew, script, distribution and other things.


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