Having Faith in Recovery

Having faith in recovery is essential to living a happy life free of substance abuse.
Faith does not have to apply to a religious faith.

Having faith in something, such as a higher power, can be a spiritual experience. Having faith in recovery is essential to living a happy life free of substance abuse.

Suppose you are working a job and feel you are on the verge of getting fired. You may stress over whether or not you are going to be allowed to keep your job until the stress eventually drives you to use. Those who have faith in a higher power knows that their higher power does indeed have plans for them, and therefore, will not live in fear of losing their job simply because they know that if they do they were meant to and this means that something else is coming along that may be better. The concept behind having faith in a higher power gives the individual courage to live through life without fear because they are confident in the faith that a power greater than their own strength is in control and will not put them through turmoil.

When you have faith in recovery, you know that any challenge your higher power presents you with is an opportunity to grow. Where there was fear, there is now courage. Where there was a compulsion to lie, there is now honesty. Where there was anger, there is now acceptance. In having faith in a higher power, you know that you will never be presented with more than you can handle. Though this may be baffling when faced with a colossal amount of adversity, when you have faith, you know that your higher power has a plan for you.

Having faith in recovery also means having faith in yourself. This is an impossible task when you lack self-confidence. Praying for confidence in yourself to your higher power is a great start to begin awareness of the personality trait you wish to possess, and therefore, strengthening your connection to your higher power will give you the courage to accomplish anything in life.

When you have faith in yourself, you are less likely to live in fear of what could be, and what has not even happened yet, and instead focus on the present time you have today. With faith in yourself and faith in a higher power you can walk through fear and not worry about the troubles that tomorrow could bring.

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