Laser marking machine market prospects and its application development

With the progress of the market for industrial applications, the laser marking machine has entered a period of great development, and gradually become the universal application device of industry, but a laser device into a variety laser type, the application environment and the market also difference.

Laser marking machine, its development and future applications, although many people have a preliminary understanding about this, and they may know the operation and basic applications, but for the development of market changes and prospects, they may know less, so there will be a big gap when buying and using the printer.

The laser marking market is now also facing this enormous competitive pressures, therefore must face the prospect of laser equipment and the development of a broad market in diverse forms. Many laser marking machines to fight a laser device, indeed, the laser device is good or bad, determines the performance of laser equipment, laser quality is stable, fast, for marking the effect is fine, for laser marking machine in the market occupy a great advantage.

 Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking machine classification in the markets:

Laser marking Machine can be classified into CO2 Laser marking Machine, Fiber Laser Marking machine and semi-conductor (YAG) laser machine according to different laser device. According to application scope, Laser marking Machine can be divided into fly Laser Marking Machine (Laser Printer) and Static marking (Stationary Laser Marking Machine), different laser coding machine have different application.

Co2 laser marking machine: mainly for non-metallic materials that plastic, wood, glass, pc materials surface permanent marking with colorless, no changeable; Semiconductor laser coder mainly for metal and plastic parts of the hard hitting depth (stainless steel) engraving effect; Fiber laser marking machine and laser coding machine; as a high-tech in recent years; non-metallic and metallic materials available to mark by one laser machine, it realizes the effect of a multi-purpose machine. For example PE/PPR pipe Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine.

Look at laser marking machine changes in the market from price:

No matter what equipment, the price always is a key to customer concern, but also the business for the corresponding changes in the laser market, from a low price to buy to ensure quality and production is to pursue the interests of each client and comply with the rules, from the initial laser coder one sets of standard machine hundred thousands, till to now tens of thousands, it is a chain reaction resulting changes in the market; therefore the difference in the price of laser equipment are required careful, the quality is a key cost, configuration is to determine the price of the leading role.

Laser marking machine is widely used in various industries, for the future of the market has a great role in the development, and the links between the various technical have a strong application, the prospects for greater development of prediction.

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