Understanding Business Management Problems

There is also a downside to promoting high performers into management roles.
Oftentimes, in companies that grow quickly, the managers are promoted from the ranks of high-performing individuals in the business unit.

The company may see it as a value-add to have employees who already understand the culture, and value the company’s mission in a personal way.  Promoting from within can keep a high-functioning team together and contribute to a continuous flow of institutional learning and information.  Promoting from within can also act as a morale builder.  When a company needs to hold onto an exceptional employee, promotion can offer a mutually symbiotic approach to accomplish this goal.

There is also a downside to promoting high performers into management roles.  There are great solo performers who just don’t transition well into a leadership role.  There are many reasons that an exceptional employee doesn’t easily come up to the ranks of management. When a senior manager or business owner finds that someone in management is not performing to their potential, it can be useful to bring in a business consultant to take a look at the situation with fresh eyes. The business consultant will not be there to focus on just one employee. The scope of the consulting job could be as broad as, looking for skill and performance gaps in the entire executive management staff. Regardless of how the engagement is designed/defined, the objective viewpoint of a trained and experienced business consultant will be incredibly useful for eliminating the organizational stress associated with poor performance and/or poor management.

When an internal promotion is being considered or a key new-hire is being interviewed, bringing in a talented and exceptional business consultant – bringing a proven record of success within the operational environment will add value and insight to your team’s perspective. The business consultant will advise the group and help ensure that a high-performing internal candidate is well suited to the executive role in question.  When it comes to interviewing external candidates, the business consultant can take on tasks that will help ensure your sourced talent proves an operational and environmental fit.

Once the executive is in place, a business consultant can help the company with advice on the best ways to provide ongoing and regular coaching. Developing the organization’s talent through coaching is one of the ways in which a high quality business consultant can add value. Helping the human resources or training department to develop ongoing business training programs is another way the business consultant can contribute to the company’s long-term health and wellbeing.

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