Putrajaya Showcases Malaysia’s Past, Present, and Future

MyTravelLane describes Putrajaya as the city that brings together Malaysia’s past, present, and future, where there is a harmonious combination of modern technology and tradition. A one-day tour in this interesting city is now made possible with MyTravelLane’s tour packages.

Malaysia is popularly known as a cultural and tourism destination all over the globe. Throughout the years, the country has been known not just for its colorful culture but for its modern developments, including the internationally renowned Petronas Towers.

As a matter of fact, majority of the tourists who are booked for Malaysia easily decide to visit Kuala Lumpur to see the popular Twin Towers, a representative from MyTravelLane said. But, as a Malaysian travel and tours service provider, MyTravelLane ensures that visitors both leisure and business get to see the rest of Malaysia.

Although KL proves to be a worthwhile destination, MyTravelLane also highly recommends a city trip to Putra Jaya, which speaks volumes about the Malaysian culture, tradition, as well as modern development.

“It’s not your typical city tour. We are assured that anyone who tours around Putra Jaya will be in awe the moment they reach the city, and until they go back to their respective countries,” a post from the MyTravelLane website says.

Tourists can expect the preserved and intricate architectural structures in Putra Jaya including the Masjid Putra, which was completed back in 1997. Although the structures are reminiscent of the older times, the roads and infrastructure in Putra Jaya are already apparently modern. The city is also home to futuristic architecture, which only adds to the charm of the city.

Based on the MyTravelLane tour website, other must-see locations in Putra Jaya are botanical gardens, wetlands, and the Putra Jaya Lake. The travel and tour company makes it easier to reach and explore the city with their guided tour services. Putra Jaya city tour for instance can be done in four hours, which allows the tourists to see more sites in a day.

MyTravelLane also has other tour packages including Kuala Lumpur Park and Garden Tour, Taman Negara day Trip, and Genting Highlands Tour.


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