Kickstarter Campaign Merges Craft Beer and Adults with Disabilities

DENVER, CO – 29 Sep, 2015 – Brewability Lab will soon launch a Kickstarter project to raise funds for brewing equipment to employ adults with developmental disabilities to brew craft beer.

Only 19.8% of adults with developmental disabilities are gainfully employed. It is often difficult for adults with developmental disabilities such as Autism and Down Syndrome to gain and sustain employment. Brewability Lab will provide ongoing support utilizing research-based teaching techniques to bring these fully-capable adults an opportunity to live a purposeful life as proud, contributing members of society.

Tiffany Fixter, Brewability Lab’s founder, has spent many years teaching children and adults with special needs. She earned a Masters in Autism Spectrum Disorders from the University of Kansas and created a popular mobile application, My Video Schedule, for children and adults on the Autism Spectrum. After many years of experience, she decided it was time to provide a service that is not only needed, but has never been offered before for this population in the brewing industry.

Fixter stated, “There are many positives to consider when hiring someone with a disability.  Repetitious work tasks are often enjoyable for this population.  People with autism can be detail-oriented, consistent and more efficient than neuro-typical staff performing the same task.”

Matthew Feurst, owner and master brewer of Grandma’s House Brewery, has agreed to work with Brewability. He presently operates an incubator brewery to help start-up companies who are unable to afford their own space or equipment. With his years of brewing experience, Matthew will ensure Brewability Lab produces high-quality craft beer.

Toby Gerard has been brewing for roughly 5 years and founded, “The Brew Crew,” a Denver based brew club, just over a year ago. “The Brew Crew” helps spread the craft of brewing.  He teaches a lecture series about beer and beer styles at the University of Denver for their hospitality, restaurant, and tourism management school. He has worked as a director of curriculum for adults with disabilities as well. Brewability combines his passion for craft beer with his knowledge of special education.

Brewability’s Kickstarter project will seek to raise $30,000.00 to purchase brewing equipment including a 15 BBL Fermenter and a 15 BBL Brite Tank to add to Grandma’s House Brewery’s seven-barrel system. The equipment is necessary to create enough work to justify hiring Brewability Lab employees. When this project is fully funded, it will provide work tasks for people with disabilities to be involved in all aspects of the brewing process. Additional funds raised will go towards training and hiring more adults with developmental disabilities.

“I feel like the speech that Viola Davis gave at the Emmys really resonated with me and the special needs community.  I feel so empowered by the fact that there are so many people impassioned by the groups that they’re a part of.  I feel like if people looked at the special needs community the same way they looked at race or sexuality, that they could really see these people for who they are- strong, independent individuals who are worthwhile in the work community.  I know that if I feel this impassioned by people in the special needs community, that this will resonate with other people and they want to share in our cause for equality.” 

To learn more about Brewability Lab, visit http://www.brewabilitylab

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