Psychics 4 Today Comments On Ohio Psychic Scam Case After Twenty Year Con Revealed has made a statement on the latest psychic scam to hit the headlines, condemning the actions of a woman who extorted cash and even cars from clients under false pretenses.

For as long as there have been communities there have been the wise people, the shamans, the seers, and the psychics who help connect the esoteric spiritual side of peoples nature with the physical reality we live in. Even in today’s world of technological and scientific advances, psychics still hold their place as trusted guides on life’s journey. Unfortunately, this means that trust can be abused. Psychics 4 Today considers itself a ‘credible skeptic’ website that aims to help people tell the difference between genuine and fake psychics, and has weighed in on the recent story of a psychic in Ohio who threatened, bullied and scared clients into giving up their money, and even their cars.

Psychics 4 Today was founded to help people avoid these kinds of scams and already has plenty of published resources describing how to quickly identify scam psychics according to their most commonly used cons and practices. The site’s editor has just commented on the latest such scam to hit the headlines.

The culprit spent twenty years using the ruse of psychic assistance to warn individuals of impending harm to themselves and their families, in order to extort payments for psychic assistance in preventing that harm. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, gift cards and even open lines of credit were handed over for over twenty years before she was finally exposed.

A spokesperson for Psychics 4 Today explained, “The fact that it took twenty years to expose someone so clearly a charlatan is a clear indication that there is a real and profound need for the services we provide. We have done everything we can to try and ensure individuals are well educated about the kind of things a psychic can really help with, what the limits of their powers are and how they can be sourced reliably, to try and prevent anything like this happening again.”

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Psychics 4 Today was established to help people avoid getting scammed by fake psychics. In addition to providing free tips on how to avoid scams, Psychics4Today also helps people find a reputable psychic they can trust. The site is regularly updated by a committed team of writers and researchers, who post articles, advice and the latest news from within the industry.

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