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Human Chorionic Gonadotropic drops or simply HCG diet drops, are weight loss supplements which are naturally formulated from HCG hormone found in the human body. They are combined together with a comprehensive diet plan in order to bring about weight loss, and when followed they will lead to effective weight loss. Choosing real hcg drops is not an easy task. So, comes up with real user reviews and making it easier to choose.


HCG drops are derived from natural human hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone is produced during the early stages of pregnancy in women. The HCG hormone is known to boost metabolism and aid in fast burning of excess fat found in the body. Using HCG drops is one of the safest methods of weight loss which is also effective by using non-synthetic components to fight excess fat. When combined with a low-calorie diet plan, HCG drops supplements will lead to a faster weight loss even without need of a regimented workout plan.


Using HCG for weight loss has a number of benefits that are exclusive to HCG dieters. HCG is a guaranteed safe method which is formulated to work naturally by using the fat burning properties of the natural hormone. It is fast and effective and helps boost metabolism which makes one to lose a pound each day (proven). One important thing about HCG is that it does not require strenuous workout or exercise routine for it to work perfectly. By following the low-calorie diet alone, you will be able to shed the excess pounds and still keep away any weight gain. It can also be used for any weight loss goal, long term or short term. This means that you can still use the drops and follow the diet plan to achieve a temporary weigh loss goal or for a permanent weight loss to achieve a totally new body shape.


There are three major types of HCG drops available in the market. These are the HCG Complex, HCG Triumph and HCG 123. The different types of drops have been rated differently by customers who have used them to lose weight. This means that, a particular product may be popular than the other because of the reviews given which is mostly determined by how fast it is able to deliver the desired results, or general ease of use.

HCG Complex from biosource labs is arguably the most popular HCG weight loss product because of its customization and fat burning rate. It has almost 100% fat burning rate and has witnessed a perfect success rate from users. It does not have any side effects during use, and therefore ranks high when looking for safety degree.

HCG 1234 follows next after the Complex, and has 80% rate of burning fat and minimal side effects during use. The success rate is also high at 79%, which means it is trusted by a significant number of dieters.

HCG Triumph ranks third of all the HCG diet drops discussed. It is however popular with some users and has a success rate of 62%. The ingredient quality of the natural hormone is quite low at around 62% and this means the effectiveness rate is also lower than the others at 60%.

All three hcg weight loss drops have a money back guarantee which means you can return the product and get a refund within 30 days of purchase, if it does not work for you.


HCG Drops are used as diet supplements for the HCG diet plan. Most drops will have the comprehensive diet plan and list of foods that you are supposed to eat as you use the drops. Both are used together in order for one to have an effective weight loss. It involves taking the sublingual drops (putting one or two drops below the tongue) and then eating a low-calorie recipe.


Provides comprehensive reviews of HCG drops by giving you real user responses and how they rated the drops. This website, will guide you on what to opt for when you decide to shed the pounds to achieve your dream body shape.


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