aixzellent Offers an Array of Internet Security and Private Networking Solutions

The internet has become an integral part of operations for almost all businesses but much of the business world is struggling with how to protect their precious data from criminal hackers. A German company called aixzellent has created an array of robust internet security solutions which will ensure that companies of all sizes can operate free from third party intrusion. aixzellent developed these solutions based on the DANE (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities) and DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) protocols. Utilizing origin authentication, these protocols ensure that all data and access is secure.

Since 2012, aixzellent has been providing top tier data security services. In its latest suite of security solutions, aixzellent offers Groupware, Private Cloud and Web Hosting. Our Zarafa Groupware solution is designed for the unique needs and resources of client organizations, while the Private Cloud enables all authorized personnel to access company data anywhere and anytime. Finally, the Web Hosting offered by aixzellent provides a single source integration for all organizational applications, thereby streamlining operations and optimizing efficiency. All of these services are protected by aixzellent’s proprietary security programs which are supported by 24/7 monitoring and rapid response management.

Currently, aixzellent is offering every client a private, secure server located in German colocation centers. These servers offer maximum utilization and scalability for dynamic companies. In addition to that, aixzellent offers Zarafa or Kopano enterprise software to sync organizational operations like mail, contacts and appointments. The Alfresco Share/One based Private Cloud also integrates all company operations to guarantee a quick and secure access.

aixzellent is currently offering these services through its Kickstarter campaign. Funds raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be used to obtain infrastructure, refine services and provide solutions to clients. Backers of the campaign can purchase secure services for one year at a steeply discounted introductory price. Options available include Groupware and/or Private Cloud services for home office users / freelancers and SME from five to 50 users.

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