Chances of Getting Caught 1 out 150 Times While Driving Drunk Double Drunk Drivers are the US Average

Double Drunk Drivers are the US Average

MORAGA, CA – 29 Sep, 2015 – A new report published today found that 67% of the DUI drivers in US fatal automobile accidents were more than twice the 0.08% BAC Limit and about ¼ of the DUI drivers were at 3 times the DUI BAC limit, according to the most recent National Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA data.

“The study shows that DUI drivers are not social drinkers,” said Al Crancer, Jr. a retired NHTSA researcher, “They are people seriously intoxicated and impaired with an Alcohol Use Disorder that requires heavy consumption of alcohol to reach the average BAC of 0.19%.” A 180 lb. male would have to drink 13 drinks, more than two six-packs of beer, to reach the average BAC level of 0.19% in a three hour period.

“One may wonder why so many very intoxicated drivers end up in fatal crashes when the message of “Drive sober or get pulled over.” is so frequently broadcast on television and radio,” said Crancer,  “But the arrest probability has actually decreased since 1999 and now it is less than 1 in 150 trips because of the decreased arrest level.”

The study suggest that the present NHTSA general deterrence approach to reducing DUI driving be replaced with a primary prevention approach that focuses on intervening to isolate and quarantine seriously intoxicated persons before they drive, just as we now do for all communicable diseases. Also noted is that the USA legal limit of 0.08%  is higher and should be lowered to 0.05%, the average level of more than 100 countries around the world.

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