The Bug Bowl presents the easiest way to catch and throw a bug out

The newly launched patent pending design of the Bug Bowl allows the user to catch the bug with ease and get rid of it without touching it.

Everyone hates those creepy crawlies inside the house and there is complete battle one has to go through to catch that little thing and dispose of it that is why, The Bug bowl has been created. The credit of developing this product goes to Rick Rood who invented it to fight the little bugs in house that he and his family used to fight over who had to squish it and that too with an ugly marks wereleft on the floor.

The product is an effective yet easy way to avoid this hassle as the bug remains in the ‘bowl’ and also it requires muchless spray to killthe bug as compared to using the hit and miss method with conventional bug sprays. The Bug Bowl consists of a Bowl and a spray port attached to it, so whenever a bug appears on the floor, the user can capture it by placing the bowl over it. Once the bug is imprisoned, it can be killed with the help of the spray attached to it after which the bowl can be used to easily scoop it and throw it out of the house.

Rick also mentioned that he loves to invent and he has created another patentedproduct named EyeVac which also seemed to gain popularity among people. He continued with his love for new ideas and innovation which led him to create The Bug Bowl.

Now he aims to market and distribute the product on a larger scale for which he has started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of raising

$25,000.00. The funds raised from the campaign will be utilized for packaging design, initial production run as well as marketing and distributing the product. A variety of perks and rewards are also offered to the backers.

Not only this, Rick also hopes to follow his societal responsibility by utilizing the great people at Opportunity Village for this packaging work and provide employment to them for a better life. They will do the package assembly for the product in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Media Contact
Company Name: Bug Bowl
Contact Person: Rick Rood
Phone: 702-426-7940
Country: United States