Which of the Airwheel intelligent Electric Self-balancing Skateboards Touch People Most?

There are constant arguments over the popular product in each series of Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters among the fans. Which is the most popular? Which has the best performance? Different people have different preference. It is impossible to tell which is the best. But the hot arguments only indicate that Airwheel self balancing electric scooter are really hot now. Why not have a review of the classic series as a reference for potential customers?



X3 is the first product of Airwheel. As a pioneering product in Airwheel family, it is the most representative one. But with the upgrade of products, X5 and X8 are created. X8, with excellent performance has also received favor of many customers. The three products are all electric unicycles, but they each possess different merits. X3 and X8 are highly recommended intelligent unicycles. 


The twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter Q-series is a series with creative shape and artistic craftsmanship. Q1 is light-weighted and cute. Q3 is cool and dazzling while Q5 is fashionable and stylish. The three types represent different styles. It is impossible to select the most representative one. But, taking into consideration of the popularity degree among the three products, Q5 is the best-seller and deserves the praise. The colorful replaceable protection pads and the dazzling breathing LED design may account for its popularity.



S3 used to be the most popular two-wheeled intelligent self-balancing scooter before the introduction of S5. However, with the launching of S5, a SUV scooter with super performance, whether the dominance of S3 has been challenged remains to be seen. In terms of the functions and performance, S5 is superior than S3. But S3 has a real price advantage. It is a high cost-effective product. Before the popularization of S5 in the market, S3 may still lead the trend for a while. 

Airwheel has also promoted the A-series in the market in this summer. But A1 is the only product in this series and has no rivals yet.

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