Airwheel A3 Sitting-posture 2 wheel electric scooter creates a revolution in the scooter industry

Airwheel A3 was launched by Airwheel Technology in the new product release meeting in 2015. As the new member of Airwheel family, Airwheel A3 creates a revolution in the self-balancing scooter industry with its innovative design of self-balancing scooter with seat. Especially the details make it become perfect. First of all, the handle is made of silica gel material, and long grip is not only tireless but also comfortable. During riding, user can switch more positions, angles, to match more people’s operation habits. It has the protection function of accidental fall, to some extent.

Airwheel A3 adopts hydraulic suspension system, to keep sensitive response and stable operation. Adhering to the professional cross-country motorcycle hydraulic suspension system, rider can also enjoy comfortable ride with the aim of urban road special optimization preloading, even road winding turbulence. Electronic brake system is replacing the traditional mechanical transmission with electronic control to complete the brake so as to make brake accurate and safe with instantaneous reaction.

In order to let users have a better riding experience, Airwheel Technology has especially developed a smart APP for Airwheel A3 electric skateboards. This APP can be used for all A3 and the future A series of products, as long as users download and install this App from the official website. The rider can keep informed of the current speed, battery remaining, operation time, single mileage, total mileage, etc. It will also help the Airwheel A3 keep horizontal alignment or preliminary troubleshooting check when the Airwheel A3 self-balancing electric scooter is in poor or bad riding.

Placed inside the body of the internal control chip will do the vehicle data collection and collation, and then wirelessly transmit to the mobile phone. Through real-time analysis of the visualization data, they can feedback to the user by the App in real-time. As the perfect combination of advanced technology and humanized design, Airwheel A3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter is a revolution product which is worthy of the name.

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