Veaul Trade Company Unveiled Cheap Wedding Dresses during Hong Kong Trade Fair

With the festive season ahead, many fashionable women are growingly looking for cheap special occasion dresses. Veaul Trading Company recently unveiled its full collection of cheap wedding apparels.

Veaul Trade Company, a Hong Kong based online wholesaler and retailer of special occasion dresses, recently launched their full collection of cheap special occasion dresses during a Hong Kong trade fair. The owners proudly announced that the latest collection of cheap wedding dresses have been highly praised by top fashion critics around the world. They added that the A-line wedding dresses, Empire wedding dresses, Ball Gown wedding dresses and other sorts of wedding dresses have been designed by their tailors and professional designers.

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“We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of fashionable special occasion dresses. We have managed to keep the production costs low as the dresses come straight from our manufactory in Hong Kong and China. Another big reason behind the low price is that we have our own factory and we do not need to market our products through retailers”, said Mrs. Lena, a pre-sales manager who has been associated with the company since its inception.

Apart from launching their formal dresses online, Veaul owners also announced that their primary objective is now to make their brand more popular across the world. They said that two more factories are being built in Hong Kong and China. The owners said that they have targeted year 2016 for continuous business expansion and that they have already entered business partnerships with many retailers based in Europe and North America.


The pre-sales manager detailed the long-term objectives of the company during a press conference held after the fashion event in Hong Kong. Mrs. Lena said, “We are getting thousands of enquiries from offshore retailers and that’s a pretty good sign. We are quite hopeful that the wedding dresses and evening dresses online would sell in large quantities this year. We are now gearing up for the festive season ahead and our buyers may expect massive discounts on special occasion dresses towards the end of the year. However, offshore distributors and retailers would get even bigger discounts if they purchase products in large quantities.”

About the Company

Veaul Trade Company, often referred as Veaul, is a renowned brand with its factories and offices in China and Hong Kong.

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