After the success of “The Last glow”, the makers launch another short film “The Great Journey”

Inspired from the success of the movie “The Last Glow”, Italian director Armando Basso is now all set to launch another short film named “The Last Journey”. The movie is based upon a successful novel by Fabio Salvati.

Basso’s previous film The Last Glow was a critically acclaimed movie which won several awards internationally including the best Short film for Best Story and in the Lost Angeles Independent Film festival it won the award of Best Short Film in the foreign film category.

Inspired by the success and response the movie “The Last Glow” received, the they wanted to create something even better by putting on more hard work and effort into the project. The recent project “The Last Journey” is a science fiction thriller that is promised to be full of twist and turns with thrilling action sequences. Based upon a Chinese box, that are popular for entertaining the audiences with their raw and thrilling heroic movie plots, the movie emphasizes the concepts such as freedom and the sense of right and wrong.

The cast of the movie is inspired from the social stereotypes and the characters that people will be able to relate to. The hero of the story is a clean shaved boy, shaped without his knowledge by a force majeure, the father who will reveal something completely different and a mother who is so perfect that she is pursuing in a task designed to program the boy’s mind.

The science fiction genre has always fascinated large number audiences due to its unpredictable plots, exciting scenes and things shown that are beyond the imagination of a normal mind. The movie taps the sci-fi genre with ease and creates another exciting adventure for the fiction lovers that are assured to keep the audiences on the edge of their seat.

While talking some more about the story of the movie, the makers told that ‘The Great Journey’ despite being from a science fiction genre begins logically before changing into completely different and once the audience will settle down with whatever is happening in the movie, it’ll again take an unexpected turn and come out with a final surprise. Ultimately, all the dots will be connected and everything will magically meet into one resulting into an incredible tale and a multi faceted didactic fiction.

Making a movie surely requires some huge amount of money, but due to lack of funds, this potential hit movie had to stop its journey. The makers had to stop the production because the starting budget was not enough to complete this project. To complete the movie they have started, the makers have now turned to crowd funding and started a fund raiser on Kickstarter with a goal of $18,000 on it.

The last date of the campaign will be October 23, 2015 and the funds raised from the campaign will be utilized to carry forward the production of the movie and later on for its promotion and distribution.

Of course a science fiction film requires high end computer graphics to be amazing so the amount raised from the campaign will be utilized in getting great Computer Graphics and sound editing for the movie as well. “We are guys that follow and create dreams and believe there are good people ready to support the imagination. We’ll not disappoint you” Basso says.

Once they receive enough support, the project will be resumed and a website will be set up to present all the updates and news about the film.

The campaign also offers a variety of perks and rewards to the backers.


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