This woman enjoys being a double XL and wrote a book to share her relatable life

Being a plus size is not very easy for most women and a lot of times it lands them into many disappointments and stressful situations as well, but this woman named Jennie Marie sees her plus size figure from a different perspective and considers it as a gift.

Her book “My Life as a Double XL Medium” is inspired from her real life of her adventures of being a plus size woman. The book will be quite relatable to a number of women who are not of ‘regular size’ and face everyday problems due to it.

The author has adopted a funny yet inspirational way of depicting the things she has faced because of her small frame in childhood to the full body frame she carries now. “This book similar to a fairytale, if a fairytale meant an everyday and every life story,” says a very excited Marie about her book.

She writes down about her experiences, trials and tribulations from childhood, to when she became an adult and a mother which ultimately led her to become the fun and enthusiastic woman she is today.

The book will also prove to be an inspiration to many others with similar situations to hers, as she unveils how she turned down the negative emotions to positive influences. She tells how mediumship helped her realize her true worth. She also talks about the people she met through the journey of her life and how some of them mentored her to change her perspective in life and guide her to see the other side of the things.

Once she understood that, she accepted herself the way she is and started to love herself which brought her happiness and positivity in her life.

Apart from being an author, Jennie also hosts and runs many events and a number of people/corporate have included her large funny personality to add zing to their events or gatherings with her valuable guest lectures, inspirational sessions and much more.

Jennie is blessed with amazing spiritual capabilities of being a clairvoyant. She inherited this spiritualism from family before her. Including an uncle who was a priest. Jennie feels truly blessed and is very excited to empower mankind with these amazing gifts.

Her book is available for purchase on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback formats and also received rave reviews from the readers.

About the Author

Jennie Marie is a fourth generation clairvoyant psychic medium. She lives in New York with her husband and four boys. She has zeal to heal others and show people the path of enlightenment. She is a fun, double XL sized medium.

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