21 Good Deeds Done In An Inspiring Birthday Celebration

Senior Hadassah performed 21 random acts of kindness, spending the day paying it forward.
Senior Hadassah Weiss did not participate in the typical ritual of going out drinking on their twenty-first birthday. She instead used it as a day to celebrate everyone’s life by completing twenty-one random acts of kindness.

Her mother was very proud because her daughter chose to give to others, rather than making the day about herself. While most individuals use their twenty-first birthday to celebrate the day they have come of age to drink legally, she spent the day paying it forward.

Weiss accomplished her twenty-one acts if kindness in her hometown of Colorado Springs.  She started at the humane society where she commissioned an adoption for a dog and cat and bought food and beds for the newly adopted animals. Then, she went to a home for abused women. Weiss knew that often times, when a woman is trying to escape their abusive situations, they overlook bringing their children’s toys. With this in mind, she purchased several toys and distributed them to the children in the home.

Following that act, Weiss bought a pizza for some firefighters. When cashier at the pizza parlor asked her about her day, he expected her to be going out to party for her twenty first birthday. After she told him what she was actually doing with her time, he responded with astonishment and said, “That’s crazy. We need more people like you.”

The man’s response to her good deeds was shocking; however, the gift that brought tears to her eyes was when she provided payment for a woman’s groceries at a rundown Walmart.

“The lady was amazed and asked me, ‘Why are you doing this for me?’” Weiss said. “I told her that God told me to pay this for you. Please accept it. It’s God’s blessing.”

Weiss used approximately $350 of the small amount she had earned working a summer job. Though she could not necessarily afford spend that much money, she did so without regret and would be happy to do it again. In spending the money, she bought an invaluable feeling of happiness.

“If you bless others, you are going to be blessed,” Weiss said. “My parents taught me that it is better to give than to receive.”

Further Suggestions for Acts of Kindness:

  • Pick up pieces of trash around your community.
  • Volunteer at a hospital; reading books to sick children.
  • Pay for the person behind you in line at the coffee house.
  • Volunteer at your local senior citizen center.
  • Buy lunch for a homeless person.
  • Walk a senior citizen across the street.
  • Wash your neighbor’s vehicle.
  • Give up your seat on the bus to someone who needs it
  • Give out FREE hugs!

Acts of kindness leave both with a great feeling. Inside of every human being is the ability to care for others. Paying kindness forward means that giving out goodness to the world will eventually come back around. Weiss sets an example of how everyone in the world should think.

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