Sanwaliya Seth pilgrimage gives four times the offerings made.

Extends a helping hand in the success of every business

Sanwaliya Seth, is one of the most prominent places of pilgrimage and Krishna ‘dhams’ nestled in Mandfia area of Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. Devotees come to this place not only get their wishes fulfilled, but also with faith and belief that their offerings made with full devotion towards Sanwaliya Seth will be returned fourfold. No wonder average monthly offerings of two-and-a-half crore has become a common practice. Not only does the general public have deep faith in Sanwaliya Seth, but they have the supreme confidence that whatever they wish with full devotion and belief will be fulfilled.


It’s said about Mewar’s famous Krishna Dham, Sanwaliya Seth, “Sanwaliya ‘darbar’ is for everyone, where all find salvation”. Over the last two centuries as talk of Sanwaliya Seth’s miraculous image spread far and wide the strength of devotees thronging the Krishna ‘dham’ grew phenomenally. Once a small village of erstwhile Gwalior state, mandfia has today carved out a special place for itself in the Indian spiritual scene.

Sanwaliya Seth is famed to not let anyone leave empty-handed but bless everyone by filling their hands. It is for this reason many prestigious and prominent businessmen have made Sanwaliya Seth their partner in profits. Many of these businessman dedicate between 10 and 25 percent of their profits to Sanwaliya Seth. As the coffers of the temple grow exponentially, the temple management is also spending liberally on the further development of the temple as well as contributing to development works in Chittorgarh district. In recent times expenditure has been incurred in developing the corridor, rest rooms, welcome hall, ‘satsang’ bhawan, ‘prasad’ room, public library, cattle pound, gardens, fountains, etc in the temple complex.

Similarly funds have also been earmarked for undertaking development works in Chittorgarh, Nimbahera and Sanwaliya Ji in the field of education, health services, road development and tourist facilities, etc.


After the state government took over the management of the temple, a a three-day ‘Akadeshi Jaljhulni Mela’ is attracting lakhs of devotees from around the country. A rath yatra is taken out on the main day of the festival in which devotees play Holi to achieve fulfilment.

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