BizChatBox is connecting customers and businesses at no cost

BizChatBox recently debuted its free chat services to the public and has had nothing but rave reviews. The company has proven itself to be a reliable, secure, and affordable platform for businesses to interact with their customers in real-time.

There are many companies like BizChatBox out there, but they charge for their services. BizChatBox aims to push the competition out of the way. The company is proud to offer its premium plan at no cost to its customers.

All businesses – large and small, public and private, brand new and veterans – can receive the exact same plan and services at zero cost to the business. Businesses will never find an area or customizable chat box that they will have to pay for when using BizChatBox.

BizChatBox is a chat widget that allows businesses to provide support and guidance to its customers through live chat. Having a chat widget on a site helps customers feel like they are getting the best customer service because the one of a kind questions they have are being answered, and they are not being redirected to an FAQ page before being able to speak to someone at the company.

BizChatBox allows businesses to help their customers solve problems when looking at products, ordering, and even after the item or service has been delivered. When businesses are able to treat customers like they are top priority, it they grow.

BizChatBox is not the only company to offer chat widgets to its customers. The company has many competitors like Zopim, Olark, and LiveAgent. The major difference between them and BizChatBox is that they charge for their services, and the costs for using their services continues to add up as a business adds more features. BizChatBox is gaining ground on its competitors and is gaining market share that was once theirs.

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About BizChatBox

BizChatBox was created to offer businesses a real-time solution for their customer support needs, and the company is constantly striving to find better ways to help other businesses find ways to connect with the customer.


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