Dentures Direct Launches Free Consultations to Discuss How Their Services Can Best Fit Potential Clients

Dentures Direct specializes in implant retained dentures and partial dentures, and is now offering a free consultation to see how they can best help and support those overcoming tooth loss.

America leads the world in the field of dentistry, and has managed to perfect approaches to every element, both cosmetic and health related, with cutting edge procedures being innovated even in the last decade meaning the horror-stories of the past generation no longer affect those in need. Dentures Direct is a practice at the cutting edge of providing elderly dental care, and they offer amazing implant secured dentures made on site. They are now offering a free consultation to explain the benefits of implants and plan how to help individuals transition.

The free consultation with the Denture Clinic in Etobicoke will allow people to discuss their current needs and to have an evaluation undertaken by one of the practice’s experienced, qualified professionals. This initial consultation will lay out a course of action which can include X-Rays, CT scans and dental impressions, before a custom fitting of a temporary denture while the bespoke implant dentures themselves are being crafted in the in-house laboratory.

In this way, the Denture Clinic in Toronto can help tailor the action taken to the specific needs of each client, and explain how implant dentures and partial implant dentures can help people have a healthier, happier mouth together with flawless teeth. 

A spokesperson for Dentures Direct explained, “This is new technology, and with it we can revolutionize the comfort and fit of dentures, and the way in which people interact with them. These dentures are a huge advance over those of the last decade, and will give people more comfort, support and seamless finishing. Now, losing teeth will actually help people get better teeth, and because we handle every step of the process from first assessment to final product, our clients can rest assured that the quality will be the best it can be.”

About Dentures Direct

Dentures Direct has a highly experienced staff working hard every day to provide personalized, gentle care and to ensure the perfect fit from custom-made dentures manufactured in their on-site laboratory. They specialize in the treatment and ‘while-you-wait’ repair of loose and hard to fit dentures, and offer payment plans to suit most budgets. Offering free consultations to all potential clients.

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