Mary Jane’s Patch Begins Dispensing Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Denver

While the debate on the benefits of marijuana is still very strong in the US, some horticulturists have
actually started preaching the benefits of medical marijuana. Mary Jane’s Patch recently started
dispensing superior-quality marijuana.

Mary Jane’s Patch, a Denver based dispensary that exclusively deals in weed recently started dispensing both medical and recreational marijuana. It has been confirmed by Graham Kelly, the present owner and caretaker of the patch, that they have started dispensing both medical and recreational marijuana commercially. He said that the primary aim of the patch is to promote the benefits of marijuana.

Graham Kelly said that the mission of Mary Jane’s Patch is to deliver the best weed to the consumer. He said that the rich variety of weed available from them is almost unmatched in the whole of Colorado. He told the press that the specialist and friendly staff working at the patch help new buyers when they need some expert advice. “Our trained staff make it easier for people who are here for the first time to choose the choicest local as well as international flavours. We take good care of our product and store it in ideal conditions so that flavour, colour and oil can be retained optimally,” said Graham during a short interview with a locally published horticulture weekly representative.

Additionally, the owners of Mary Jane’s Patch claimed that their world-class facility for storing and preserving weed is one of the best in the whole of America. They said that to compound the pleasure of using, they offer the appropriate equipment for storing, cooking and smoking.  They added that they have also gradually built a stock of marijuana literature and marijuana gifts, particularly to promote and encourage hipster culture and to spread the word on the benefits of marijuana.

“It is a great thing that marijuana industry has been legalized in Denver and the whole of Colorado. For years, we have been researching the possible health benefits of marijuana. Finally, the day is here when marijuana sales have again picked up. We are here to impress the enthusiasts with the choicest flavours,” said Graham Kelly. He also said that interested buyers can fill out the contact form or email them to get more information on price and everything else.

About the Company

Mary Jane’s Patch (MJP) is a Denver dispensary and marijuana website. 

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