Kanlaya Offers Hip, Beautiful Fashion that Gives Financial Independence to Thai Artisans

After spending years in Thailand, fashion designer and entrepreneur Barri Tsavaris recognized that the immense talents of women artisans in some of the country’s impoverished communities only needed an opportunity to showcase their talents and become successful businesswomen themselves. Through Barri’s new social enterprise, Kanlaya, these women are producing stunningly beautiful and functional fashion items that integrate magnificently with urban outfits.

Kanlaya has introduced a new line of eight fashion accessories that embody the outstanding craftsmanship and skill of these masterful Thai artisans. Made from top tier cotton and leather, these include the Vagabond, a hand-stitched leather satchel that combines aesthetic perfection with utility, and the Scout Leader, a soft leather cuff that serves as the ideal accent for any outfit.

There is also the Scout, a soft leather cuff; the Holly Golightly, a lambskin purse; the Dancer, an elegant leather pouch with brass studs; the Purist, a messenger bag available with or without rivets; the Breeze scarf; and the Gale wrap. All of Kanlaya’s products are sourced and handcrafted in Northern Thailand, enabling these female artisans to earn the greatest reward for their efforts. Made in small quantities, each item is lovingly crafted to optimize appeal and durability, with unique, functional features like hidden pockets or specially designed compartments to store phones.

Kanlaya is more than a fashion line; it is the start of a new period of sustainability for the female artisans of the Mae Vang village. For generations, these women have worked humbly with local resources to produce outstanding leather and cloth product, but it wasn’t until Barri stumbled upon them did they finally receive the opportunity to share them with the world.

Barri Tsavaris is convinced that the world will embrace these products, and she is inviting the public to assist in the launch of Kanlaya. Barri and her team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $15,000. Supporters can also reserve Kanlaya products like the Sweetie, Breeze Scarf, Scout Cuff, Gale, Holly Golightly, Dancer, Purist or Custom Leather Designs at steep discounts.

To learn more about Kanlaya or to reserve one of these fashion accessories, please visit http://bit.ly/1JAJLwj

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