How Effective are Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Finding the Root of All Evil; Addiction

Drug and alcohol treatment rehabilitation centers employ tried and tested behavioral therapies that ensure that the progress of the treatment is effective.
According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 23.5% people are thought to be suffering from substance abuse in the United States

The numbers are staggering and only growing every year. Substance abuse can lead to several other physical and mental health problems due to way the effect the body’s systems. Merely pharmaceutical remedies are not enough for such cases. The emotional and psychological problems associated with drug addiction are the greatest reason why drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are most effective in addressing the root cause of substance abuse.

Connecting with the patients

One of the greatest roles of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is to establish a close connection with patients struggling with addiction, and to offer them moral support. The underlying causes behind addiction are often ignored, which are psychological and emotional factors. In group sessions, the facilitators are well aware of these factors and are also aware that many patients lack the will or motivation to continue fighting their addiction. They strive to motivate the patients consistently and develop a relationship of trust with them. With this approach, patients with drug addiction problems kept in treatment programs that offer group sessions are far more successfully treated than they would otherwise be.

Behavioral therapies

Drug and alcohol treatment rehabilitation centers employ tried and tested behavioral therapies that ensure that the progress of the treatment is effective, and one that motivates the patients to carry on. Techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing are employed to understand the motivations and trigger points of the patient, as well as to help them recognize and avoid the temptation of the substances they are so dependent upon. These drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can help patients recognize the root cause of their addiction and to help them overcome the emotional and psychological factors that may prevent them from beating their addiction.

Monitoring and modifying treatment

Treatment for drug addiction is not as simple as the healing of a physical wound. The treatment for addiction is more challenging because it is as complicated as the human behavior itself. This is why  the staff at drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers continually discuss the treatment with the patients and make changes to the regimen, as required for better results. These changes are not just required for improvement in the physical symptoms of the patient, but also for their emotional health and motivation to continue with the treatment program.

Patients and their families need to realize that emotional and psychological factors are the most important root causes behind addiction. Only trained drug and alcohol rehabilitation staff found at these centers can help them to understand this during the treatment process, without hurting their sentiments and self-esteem.

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