DUI Arrests on the Decline

Protect Your Rights if You Are Arrested

Statistics show that DUI arrests are down in 2015 compared with last year, but leading DUI Attorney Brian D. Sloan says it’s still important to know your rights if you are stopped and suspected of Driving Under the Influence.

Sloan is the founder of The Arizona DUI Team, who, together with his associates on The Arizona DUI Team, has successfully represented more than 3,000 cases in Phoenix and the surrounding area. He says while fewer people are being charged with DUI, there are still arrests every day. Which is why it is so important for people to know their rights if they are arrested.

Sloan says the most important thing someone can do for their case is exercising their Right to Remain Silent.

“It’s far easier than you might think to incriminate yourself and make it much harder to get the desired outcome in your case,” Sloan says. “There is no harm in exercising your fundamental Constitutional Rights, but saying too much can do harm to your case that can’t be undone.”

Sloan also points to a recent study conducted by RutgersUniversity, which shows many of the officers responsible for arresting those suspected of DUI lack proper experience.

“When police officers don’t conduct themselves properly or make mistakes during an arrest, that can increase the chance of a beneficial outcome,” Sloan says. “It takes an experienced lawyer, who focuses on DUI Defense Representation, and who has years of experience, to find problems with police reports and blood alcohol tests.”

Sloan is a prominent Phoenix DUI attorney who has represented clients in thousands of cases. His creation, The Arizona DUI Team, focuses exclusively on DUI and related vehicular charges. Sloan enjoys high ranking with several national organizations, including the National Trial Lawyers Association. He also has a Superb 10 rating with Avvo.

For more information, visit The Arizona DUI Team at http://azduiteam.com or call 602-DUI-TEAM (602-384-8326).


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