How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Protects Your Constitutional Rights

If you are facing criminal charges, hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer is crucial.

Being charged with a criminal offense in Phoenix can have serious consequences, especially when your freedom is on the line. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to find an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Bruce Blumberg is a certified criminal law specialist in Phoenix, Arizona and founder of Blumberg & Associates. He says hiring an attorney as soon as possible is crucial to ensure enough time to adequately prepare your case. Blumberg adds that there are several key ways in which an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer will protect someone’s rights if they are charged with a crime.

Experienced Advocate Who Knows Your Rights

It’s important to have an experienced advocate on your side when going up against the power and resources of Arizona’s criminal justice system. Blumberg & Associates can make sure your rights are protected and that your best interests are a top priority.

“You are innocent until proven guilty, but it doesn’t always seem that way,” Blumberg says. “Our attorneys will provide you with the most thorough representation in the criminal justice system while protecting your interests and your rights under the Constitution.”

Finding Flaws in The State’s Case

With more than 30 years of experience in criminal defense, Bruce Blumberg knows more about the criminal justice system than the vast majority of criminal lawyers in the Phoenix area. Police and prosecutors are not immune to mistakes, and when they don’t follow the correct procedures it isn’t fair to the person being charged with a crime.

Blumberg & Associates’ attorneys are adept when it comes to finding shortfalls and lapses in procedures made by police and prosecuting attorneys. If your rights were violated during or after an arrest, it could lead to your case being dismissed. However, it takes a highly skilled attorney to make that outcome possible.

Proven Courtroom Experience

While it’s important to hire an attorney who can negotiate a favorable outcome without taking a case to court, a record of proven trial experience is also crucial. Sometimes, a case has to go in front of a jury to provide the best chance of a favorable outcome. Hiring Bruce E. Blumberg means hiring an attorney who has won more jury trials than some lawyers have even taken to trial.

About Blumberg & Associates

Blumberg & Associates is a criminal defense law firm in Phoenix, Arizona with more than 30 years of litigation experience. Bruce Blumberg is a certified specialist in criminal law, a designation most criminal defense lawyers simply have not earned.

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