3 Major Causes of Relapse

Relapse triggers give addicts a justification to slide back to their former behavior.
A relapse refers to sliding or falling back to a former state.

Relapse in reference to substance abuse recovery indicates consumption of alcohol or drugs, as before. Relapse triggers give addicts a justification to slide back to their former behavior. In most situations, individuals who relapse will provide an effective excuse.

According to professionals, however, the excuses only indicate that the patient was not fully recovered during the rehabilitation process.

As it is always recommended for patients to spend additional time at the rehab center after their rehabilitation to prevent relapse, those who don’t are often triggered by the slightest changes in life.

The most common triggers and causes of relapse are:

Stress: Stress is listed as one of the top reasons for relapse. Stress is a part of life and will come across in one way or the other. Adjusting and accepting stress as a part of life is significant in preventing the severity of emotions that cause individuals to take drastic measures.

Emotions: What medical professionals always check for during rehabilitation is the emotional condition of a patient. Emotions like anger, anxiety, and frustration are the triggers for relapse. Negative emotions are challenging for patients recovering from addiction; and therefore, it is significant to opt for effective ways of handling/managing such feelings and sensations.

Behavior: Behavior in this case refers to the behavior of those associated with you.  For instance, the behavior of your friends and family can become significant. Any sort of negative and overwhelming behavior can trigger the urge for consuming drugs and alcohol again.

Therefore, the families of drug addicts are strictly recommended to consider the sensitivity of the addict’s emotional condition and be patient with them.

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