Dangers of Not Choosing a Professional Rehab for Detoxification

Substance abuse takes hold of the entire life of an individual, leaving him or her a slave to cravings and urges that are lethal in nature.
Alcohol and substance abuse has become one of the most critical social situations globally, and particularly in America.

Individuals suffering from substance abuse often seek support and help. The decision to undergo a detoxification process is in itself a most difficult one, and therefore, must be constantly supported in order to maintain it. As the decision itself is life-changing, the choice of selecting a treatment program is as crucial. It is significant that the patient or relatives realize the two fundamental phases of the alcohol/drug detox process, and therefore, recognize how essential it is to not undergo a “cold turkey” treatment at home.

Two phases of alcohol abuse:

Patients suffering from serious alcohol and substance dependency will also suffer from severe withdrawal effects. The first detoxification phase is the withdrawal symptom phase in which individuals go through serious health problems that can be fatal if not professionally supervised. These symptoms occur for a few days, or in severe situations, for weeks. The symptoms include: Vomiting, nausea, headaches, fever, emotional disturbances, clinical depression, agitation, seizures, confusion and more.

The second phase of alcohol or substance abuse detoxification is a process that takes months, as it involves regulating and slowly reintegrating the brain back to its natural condition that is unaffected by chemicals and toxins. The symptoms of the second phase are difficult; however, they are not life-threatening.

Why choose a professional rehab center:

As mentioned above, the detoxification process is sensitive and critical in its nature. The five fundamental reasons why a professional supervision is required are:

Mental instability: Alcohol or drug dependency causes mental instability. Either affects the performance of the nervous system. The severity of mental instability can only be realized by a professional. Such a state of mind can always trigger the worst withdrawal symptoms.

Seizures: The uncontrolled activity of nervous system results in seizures. In alcohol or drug dependency this is common. At rehab centers, the condition of the patient is addressed consistently and effective medication is administered to prevent the occurrence of seizures.

Delirium tremens: It is one of the most critical conditions associated with alcohol /drug detoxification. Soon after the patient stops consuming the substance, sensations of confusion and disorientation are felt. It causes difficulty breathing, chest pains, severe nausea and dehydration.

There are several other medical conditions associated with drug and alcohol detoxification. Self-detox is therefore dangerous. as the patient is already suffering from a painful change and the medical conditions will only worsen the situation.


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