Bio-chemic Education Grant Commission roll-out registration under Medical Centralized Processing Cell (MCPC)

“Office of the Chief Executive Officer, Kerala”

Bio-chemic Education Grant Commission, Govt. of India competent authority & administer MCPC Board. MCPC – Medical Centralized Processing Cell. Function: – (i) Maintain Doctors, Medical related concerns & course holder’s registration register of India. (ii) Issue of Identity Card to Doctors of India, which will be Doctors Original Identity of India. (iii) Issue all types certificates of: A) Doctors, B) Medical Concerns, C) Medical related practitioners & workers or persons related with Medical system.

Medical Court (Govt. of India) controlled by Bio-chemic Education Grant Commission Govt. of India. His commission may open Medical Court working offices, in all over India. 


MCPC will give registration to the following medical related Education / Business / Practitioner etc.

1.         Under AYUSH Regd. Course holder / Certificate holder. OR

2.         Under BEGC Regd. Course holder / Certificate holder. OR

3.         Under MCI Regd. Course holder / Certificate holder.     OR

4.         Under Directorate of Drug Control Certificate holder.   OR

5.         Under Foreign Doctor / Medical related course holders (Regd. under proper authority) OR Appropriate authority. 

Bio-Chemic Education Grant Commission, Govt of India started registration of doctors across India under MCPC as per rules stated by the Act. 

We appreciate those who extended support while rolling out. Commission is focused and committed for safe and secured medical system in India through enhanced linkages of all medical practioners. 

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Company Name: Bio-Chemic Education Grant Commission
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Phone: 03472-256970
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