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Dental Implant Cost in Sydney & Melbourne
Great news for edentulous, Dental Implants Professionals is now offering affordable yet superior quality dental implants. Dental implant surgery price starts from $1350.

Sydney, New South Wales – October 1, 2015 – Dental Implants Professionals now offers dental implants in Sydney at affordable prices. They are endowing implant crown for $1350, implant surgery for $1500 and full dental implant for $2850. They work only with Australian approved world-wide high quality dental implants and with certified as well as experienced doctors.

They have their own surgical theatre where all dental implant procedures are performed. They also organise and provide Anaesthetist support for more complex cases using sleep dentistry or sedation for a very competitive value.

“Are you missing a tooth? If so, perhaps you’re like many individuals who already wear a bridge or dentures or are considering them. But have you considered dental implants? An effective and reliable solution that can help many of these individuals recover from the disaster of tooth loss. No longer an experimental procedure, dental implants are now a dependable and effective way for people to return to their original state of wholeness – eating, speaking, and smiling without feeling self-conscious,” stated Dr. Pinho who has 15 years’ of experience in oral surgery.

“We understand that patients can feel nervous and phobic about dental procedures. At Dental Implants Professionals, we identify your concerns, and use our years of experience in treating nervous patients. We know that safe and painless dentistry performed by a gentle dentist or dental surgeon is crucial to good dentistry and dental implants,” added Dr. Pinho

Appointments can be fixed any time with the doctors for consultation regarding implants treatments. Additional discounts will be given on having more than two implants. The difference in price between Dental Implant Systems is rarely more than $100. If customers get charged thousands of dollars more, it is for labour and not for a better brand.

Overall, Dental Implants Professionals’ aim is to send back edentulous patients with cheerful satisfaction on their faces.

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Dentists Implant Professionals is one of the leading dental clinics that offer dental implants at affordable costs. They utilise state-of-the-art technologies to provide positive results.

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