Mini Crisis In Women\’s Intimate Personal Healthcare – Millions Suffer From The Effects


DALLAS, TX – Oct. 2nd, 2015 – There is a growing mini-crisis in women’s intimate personal health. Nothing trivial about it. The maladies are not life threatening – but they can be painful, irritating – and emotional draining. More than 40+ million will suffer the effects.

“And what women don’t know CAN hurt them,” observed Dr. Rebecca Posten an advocate for women’s health issues and CEO of a new Dallas-based company called PrevaLeaf. The firm is introducing a collection of natural ingredient female intimate personal care products designed to support a healthy lifestyle and good personal health.

“Most women, for example, don’t know about their personal Ph Balance – and how it affects their intimate health,” said Dr. Posten. “A lack of balance can lead to a series of problems, ranging from yeast or bacterial infections, odor, discomfort – and a variety of other symptoms.

“They need to know their Ph Balance – and how to get it to their optimum level…”

Additionally, 77% of all women who are peri and post menopausal experience vaginal dryness – which can lead to several other issues. It can impact almost everything in their daily lives – effects can often include itching, relentless discomfort – and impact personal intimate relationships. Most women likely don’t understand why – and how best to treat it. 

And-to make the mini crisis even more pertinent, millions of women – mostly older – do or will experience some form of urinary incontinence – suffer from a leaky bladder. “They are not alone!!” Dr. Posten lamented. “And they can take steps to do something about it. Today’s women can take control of their wellbeing and personal health.”

“We truly believe it’s time for something new – a contemporary, more relevant approach,” she related. “More than 76 million women have used the old traditional intimate personal care products – and today’s consumers are looking for something different, something more natural, something consistent with their health and active lifestyles… which is why we created the PrevaLeaf collection – products suited to different needs for different times of their lives.”

“Our products are FOR WOMEN, BY WOMEN… We understand their special needs,” noted Sher Briggs, Chief Marketing Officer of the company. “Our research has allowed us to combine women’s intimate health and wellbeing with the growing interest in natural products and ingredients. No brand has created an entire collection that champions their interest like this before.”

The PrevaLeaf collection is available online at, EBay, Amazon and leading specialty pharmacies or natural product stores (see store locator on the website).

PrevaLeaf, Inc. was established in Dallas, TX by a team of concerned entrepreneurs devoted to providing women with gentle, natural products for their intimate care and wellness. The company embraces the philosophy of “for women by women” by offering women intimate care products that are paraben free, hormone free and fragrance fee  The team recognized the opportunity to develop a family of natural products to respond to consumer demand for natural products. Recently, PrevaLeaf was awarded membership in the Natural Products Association (NPA), who holds manufacturers to the highest standards, requiring all ingredients and products to be naturally derived, naturally processed and environmentally sustainable.

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