Safecar Launches New Guide To The Factors Affecting Car Insurance Rates has created a new and comprehensive guide to the factors that affect car insurance rates using inside expertise to help drivers get the edge and drive down their premiums.

It is illegal to drive a car without insurance, because the consequences of a vehicular incident can be devastating, with lives at risk and thousands of dollars of damage capable of being inflicted in even a relatively minor collision. Most drivers however manage to successfully navigate the roads without causing an incident, and as such they are keen to get their insurance premiums as low as possible. Online motoring magazine Safecar is committed to helping people increase their road safety practices and attitudes, and has just published a new and comprehensive guide to getting the best insurance premiums available in their state.

The new editorial ( gives a comprehensive overview of the variable factors, fixed factors, and state by state differences that affect car insurance premiums. They also investigate how both age and gender can be factored in, together with both historical rates and future considerations.

The guide then shifts to look at additional specific factors considered by some but not all providers which can have both a positive and negative effect, and it includes a comprehensive overview of current state car insurance legislation. The resource has been designed to be the ultimate one-stop guide to all matters that can affect premiums.

A spokesperson for Safecar explained, “We are pleased to be able to collate so much information into a single, easily digestible guide that will enable drivers to find better insurance premiums by taking simple actions to improve their road safety, and the safety of their vehicle while parked. By covering all the possible factors that affect premiums, individuals can quickly identify where there is money to be saved in their own circumstances, as well as figure out why price comparisons might lead to cheaper rates with some providers without sacrificing on quality of coverage.”

About Safecar:

Safecar is a worldwide leading online magazine on road safety. The magazine offers a wide range of information designed to bring readers up-to-date news, opinion, politics, insurance and driving information with no ulterior motives or hidden agendas. The site is regularly updated by a committed team of writers and researchers.

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