Pure Cambogia Ultra Source Publishes New Information On Pure Life Cleanse Product

Pure Cambogia Ultra Source has specialized in garcinia cambogia supplements but has now reviewed Pure Life Cleanse based on popular demand from their regular readers.

Garcinia Cambogia has become something of a wonder supplement for those looking to shed excess pounds, thanks to its claim to a unique triple action active ingredient in hydroxycitric acid. Garcinia Cambogia burns fat, suppresses the appetite and inhibits the absorption of new fat, making it the ultimate diet supplement. Pure Cambogia Ultra Source is a website dedicated to helping people find recommended and reliable Garcinia Cambogia supplements (http://www.purecambogiaultrasource.com/where-to-buy/), and has just published a new article on a complementary product called Pure Life Cleanse, which aims to optimize the body to receive the supplement in the most effective way.

Pure Life Cleanse uses acai berries, flax seed powder, senna leaf and licorice root to create a potent colon cleanse supplement, which helps remove built up toxins from the colon and strip sludge from the colon walls, improving the colon’s function. This helps relieve gas and bloating and optimizes the metabolic process, helping garcinia cambogia work even more effectively.

To celebrate the positive review Pure Cambogia Ultra Source has published, the manufacturers have furnished their readers with a limited special offer, inviting them to claim a free bottle of the supplement with every order, helping them try it out and experience the difference for themselves. 

A spokesperson for Pure Cambogia Ultra Source explained, “We have included an editorial of one of our journalists combining the garcinia cambogia supplements with the pure life cleanse, and it is clear to see from the photographs supplied that the difference is remarkable. While garcinia cambogia can of course make a real difference on its own, the combination is a turbo boost for the metabolic function that will help people get healthier, happier and skinnier than ever, in the fastest possible time. We are looking forward to helping people discover the difference through the exclusive special offer of a free bottle, currently shared on our homepage for a limited time only.”

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