EDsmart Publishes New Rankings Of Top 40 Colleges Advancing America’s Economic Progress

Education is known to be the biggest driving force behind a progressive, inclusive and better society. Unfortunately quality education is becoming harder and harder to secure for the poorer in society, as college tuition fees skyrocket. EDsmart is doing its best to show individuals where a good education is still possible for those without a trust fund, and has just published an editorial showcasing colleges with the best rates of social economic mobility, helping individuals escape low-income backgrounds and move toward prosperity.

The report, entitled “Top 40 Colleges Advancing America’s Economic Progress“, bases its conclusions on the early median career salary, tuition fees, percentage of graduating students and percentage of low income students. These are then resolved against one another to see which college is helping the most people get out of low income situations and improve their social mobility.

Montana Tech scores the highest with a maximum 100 ESMI (economic social mobility index) score, with the top ten including Rowan University, Florida A&M University, California State Polytechnic University Pomona, California State University Northridge and Stanislaus, University of California, Florida International University, University of California Riverside and Berkeley. 

A spokesperson for EDsmart explained, “We understand that parents want the best for their children and students want the best for their future. When they’re picking their courses they often consider things like reputation, based in the past, or campus resources, based in the present. We want people to put one eye on the future by using the ESMI to factor into their decision making. The universities with the best scores are those that are most likely to help individuals find gainful employment on a good salary after they leave, which provides an excellent indicator of the quality of their courses, teaching and networking capabilities.”

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