The popular novel ‘Stupid By Choice’ has been adapted into an eight hour mini-series

After receiving rave reviews from the readers, the popular novel ‘Stupid By Choice’ has now been adapted into an eight hour mini-series.

Diary of a Book says What a story she (the main character Melanie) tells! A great read… I could not put this book down”

This is Melanie’s quest to find love and devotion among the heirs of the highest of “High Society”

The novel by Leighton Summers revolves around the life of a “Texas Oil Princess” Melanie St. John and her search for real, lasting love in her world full of  privileged heirs and heiresses. It also depicts the disaster of the desire to, as they say in Texas, “Hurl the silver saddle of vast wealth onto the wild stallion of love”  

The story is set in lavish playgrounds including Newport, Palm Beach, New York, Beverly Hills, Aspen and Monte Carlo and like any other women’s literature; the book is filled with romance, emotions, globetrotting and light hearted adventure. But what makes this book different is this is not the usual nonsense fiction about the stunning lives of the rich and fabulous. This was written by one of their own.

One of the excerpts from book reads, “Me and my crowd of other oil heirs and heiresses, AKA “The Wild Bunch” AKA “The Heir Heads” took a bunch of Dommy P with us and were drinking it out of the bottles as we drove in convertible Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Aston Martins in crazy tire screeching circles in a gigantic mall parking lot laughing hysterically and howling like coyotes at the giant Texas moon.”

Amidst the chaos and fun this bunch of “Spoiled Brats” are having, Melanie, the protagonist of the story, searches for “Her Heir” who will love her forever. 

Well, she finds and marries him at last. “Barc Cunningham” Barc is a megalomaniac madman with his own private golf course and the son of Newport’s’ wealthiest and most powerful socialite. Her wedding included 1000 guests, and every heiress from Palm Beach to Newport wants Melanie dead because she stole their chance to marry their “Darling Barc”.

Throughout her journey Melanie encounters destructive love affairs and explores the deeper side of love, friendships, intimacy and freedom in this both funny and sad tale of heiresses seeking love and happiness. Since the book has already become so popular touching hearts of many, the TV series based on it would surely be worth a watch.

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About the Author

Ms. Summers is a sixth generation Texan, living variously in Houston, Palm Beach, Newport, New York, Beverly Hills, and the Cote d’Azur. She is currently working on a prequel as well as a new novel.

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