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As you can see, this product is adorable and is of great quality!
Must Have! Affordable Weather Water Resistant Purse Accessory

Rain or Shine Purse Pal is a polyurethane water resistant protective liner for purses, accessories and electronics. Rain or Shine Purse Pal is easy to use for any occasion!

Proudly made in the USA, Rain or Shine Purse Pal is working with Mr. Checkout Distributors to promote this quality product. How many times have you bought a cute purse only for it to get ruined at the waterpark or on your way home from work or school? Rain or Shine Purse Palhelps protect purses from bad weather conditions and potential disasters. The Purse Pal easily carries purses, accessories, snacks and anything you want everywhere. You will no longer have to worry about your purses being destroyed by rain and snowstorms as well as protecting your purse from dirt and sand.

Feel confident that your expensive purse and belongings are protected from mother nature and fun leisure activities such as camping and water rides. Have an expensive designer purse or clutch? Throw it in the Purse Pal and protect your investment Rain or Shine Purse Pal is not trying to compete with the style or look of your purse. We simply want to prevent it from being destroyed by the elements. Instead of using another chemical spray think about this cheap and reusable liner that is environmentally friendly and recyclable and can be protection for more than one purse.

This economical product is made out of polyurethane and is extremely easy to use! Throw your purse, cell phone, tablet and keys in there and go about your day. Rain or Shine Purse Pal is all about consumer convenience. This cute and fun product can be used anywhere from the beach to everyday errands. 

Rain or Shine Purse Pal LLC is a start-up company that is woman-owned by Holly Blaser of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ms. Blaser wanted to create a product that was not only fun but useful as well. This product is innovative on so many levels. Not only are there multiple places to use this accessory it is also lightweight and thoughtfully designed for each and every consumer to use.

The Rain or Shine Purse Pal has a durable easy zipper and cool strap that makes it easy to carry anywhere. This is just beginning! Rain or Shine Purse Pal is the most practical feature for girls and women everywhere!

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