Dedicated Computing Announces White Paper on Scalable, Standards Based Technology Fueling a Turning Point in Big Data Analytics for Genome Sequencing

“Dedicated Computing launched a white paper that offers a closer look at the concept of precision medicine and its astonishing value to the evolving study of life sciences and medical treatment. Dedicated Computing’s HPC clusters, based on advanced Intel a”

Waukesha, WI – October 02, 2015 – Dedicated Computing, a global technology company that designs, builds and supports connected solutions that are key components of their customers’ overall systems or infrastructure, announced today the release of a new white paper, “Accelerating Precision Medicine with High Performing Computer Clusters.” This white paper was developed by Dedicated Computing as part of their continuous effort to continually drive innovation and best practices in precision medicine.

In the paper, Dedicated Computing states, “Precision medicine adds a significant new approach to this landscape, targeting diagnostics and treatments based on an individual’s unique history and genetic profile. While genome sequencing has been historically costly and complex, new high performance computing (HPC) clusters are enabling a critical turning point in medical innovation – reducing costs and increasing efficiency to the point where precision medicine  is poised to become a healthcare reality decades sooner than once anticipated.”

The white paper highlights how Dedicated Computing’s HPC clusters, which are supported by advanced Intel architectures, have provided some best technology practices targeting precision medicine to help effectively manage massive volumes of data, process secure information quickly, and ensure standards-based platforms. By utilizing HPC clusters, Dedicated Computing is able to provide higher value to their customers because of the ability to integrate and process data more quickly, ensuring the usefulness of data in a treatment scenario, and enabling well-informed choices.

The white paper demonstrates:

• New, faster time to insight for genomic analysis

• Inherent value in high performing computer clusters

• Working with purpose built HPC cluster solutions for the life science market

• Improving outcomes with next-generation, precision medicine

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