Let’s Eat Some Chocolate! New Studies Strengthen Connection Between Chocolate And Maintaining a Healthy Heart

Consuming up to one hundred grams of chocolate per day is connected to decreased heart disease and stroke risk.
In the past, research has shown that there is a connection between eating chocolate and memory loss, and now new research is showing that it may be good for maintaining a healthy heart also.

It is the newest discovery since finding out that eating peanuts and drinking coffee could actually be good for the health of the heart.

The new study conducted by the Universities of Aberdeen, Manchester, Cambridge and East Anglia in the United Kingdom shows that consuming up to one hundred grams of chocolate per day is connected to decrease heart disease and stroke risk. The researchers stated there also does not seem to be proof that cutting out chocolate to reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease.

The researchers determined the conclusion through a studying more than twenty-thousand adults that monitor the impact of diet on the health of individuals in England. In addition, they drew from studies looking at connections between chocolate and cardiovascular disease of more than 150,000 people.

Phyo Myint, a professor at the University of Aberdeen School of Medicine & Dentistry, says it’s clear from the study that more chocolate intake is linked to less of a risk of future cardiovascular events.

Myint says the study indicates that milk chocolate, which is thought of to be not as healthy than dark chocolate, was the kind of chocolate consumed by the residents, but he states dark chocolate may have similar positive health effects.

The research results,  which was comprised of more than 9,000 men and 11,000 women that were observed for about twelve years,  showed over 3,000 experienced non-fatal or fatal coronary heart disease or strokes.

The results showed that compared with those who did not eat chocolate, more intake was connected to an eleven percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease and twenty-five percent less risk of associated death, Myint says. It was also linked to a nine percent lower chance of hospital admission or fatality as a result of coronary heart disease, after taking account of dietary factors, he says.

According to Myint, with more chocolate consumed there was with less of a risk for stroke, even with possible risk factors.

Because this research is based on what was observed, Myint states that there are no solid conclusions in regards to cause and effect that can be determined. In addition, he says that the research is based on a biased recall and may underestimate items consumed.

Reverse causation – those with a more of a risk for cardiovascular disease consuming less chocolate and foods with chocolate in it than those who are healthier, may also help to give an explanation of the results, Myint states.

So, indulge that scrumptious, tasty bite of chocolate!


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