The Ideal Recovery Program

For those who are afflicted with the disease of addiction, there’s often too much emotion focused around the negatives in life.
Struggling with addiction is a lonely and sad experience that doesn’t have to mean the end of relationships, work and lifestyle.

For those who are afflicted with the disease of addiction, there’s often too much emotion focused around the negatives in life; and there are significant negatives associated with a life dominated by addiction. For a person who’s succumbed to the guilt and shame that can be a huge part of an addicted lifestyle, a black cloud seems to surround any positive emotion they might be legitimately feeling. Depression is often a factor that impacts addicts, as is anxiety. Those two disorders are enough to take down a person who’s not prone to addiction behavior.  However, when added to the craving for a drug or alcohol, there’s a lot to worry about, and a lot to feel badly about. The addict often finds it difficult to see the bright sun through the darkness that seems to permeate every day.

In an ideal recovery program for those addicted to substances like drugs and alcohol, depression, anxiety and addiction are all addressed during the same recovery stay. There are professionals who can provide the support and direction necessary to teach the life skills that will help the addict grow and avoid relapse. There is a safe and comfortable community of people who are struggling with the same problems, disorders and challenges.

For an addict to access an alcohol treatment and drug rehab program with all of those features at once would seem like a miracle. The program would necessitate being staffed with both medical doctors and mental health professionals who are trained to allow the patient to put his body back in working order and clear his thoughts, at the same go. There would be time to reflect upon the addiction behaviors he’d been experiencing and how they may have impacted others. There would be an ongoing relationship with other patients – perhaps community members – he could call upon, when suffering.

This networked, holistic recovery approach is not only available; it’s available in Orange County. There are serious impacts associated with continuing addiction behaviors. Not only are families destroyed by addiction, but jobs can be lost and identities forgotten. There is a real danger that once down the rabbit hole; some addicts won’t make it back in one piece. F

or anyone who’s struggling with addiction behavior, the option to improve their lot and look ahead to a brighter future is available right now.


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