Kuester Management Company Advises on Effective Ways to Enact Rule Changes

Homeowners should be an integral part of creating HOA rules, and Kuester Management Company shares insight on how the board and its members can work together more effectively.

Part of living in an HOA community means adapting to the policies, procedures, and rules set forth by the governing documents. For those who have never lived in an HOA community before, this can take some getting used to. It is important to remember that these rules are not in place to restrict homeowner rights, but rather to protect the value and integrity of the community as a whole. Kuester Management Group has released a new statement to the press providing strategies for how homeowners can play a more active role in working with the HOA to enact changes.

“Some policies have been in existence for a long time, and they do need updating from time to time,” asserts Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “But before homeowners get defensive, it is important to understand why those rules were created and what purpose they serve. Asking the board for more information or further explanation can give homeowners more background and insight into rules they are looking to change.”

Before proposing an amendment, homeowners should do their research and create a logical and well thought out plan, says Kuester. The more data and valid points they can gather, the more beneficial it will be as they present their case. It will also allow them to engage in more meaningful discussion about why they want to see a change and how it will positively impact the community.

“The board wants to hear what homeowners have to say,” explains Kuester. “Their opinions matter because the community is there to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. If they have ideas for improvement, to save money, or to increase safety, these can be valuable contributions. If homeowners don’t speak up, the board has less insight into areas that need attention.”

However, it is also important that homeowners realize that not everything is under the HOA’s control, adds Kuester. Some rules and regulations come from the city, state, or other governing organizations. This is another reason why researching the matter ahead of time is essential. Some things are beyond their governance and the board may direct the homeowner to another organization where they can bring up their concerns.

If homeowners are passionate about making a difference, they can become part of the board or join a relevant committee. This is another way they can make their voice heard and have more involvement with how the HOA is run, says Kuester. Fresh ideas and perspectives are always appreciated and can help things operate more smoothly while addressing the needs and concerns of homeowners.

“Members are an essential part of the HOA and by following proper procedures and speaking up, they can create meaningful change,” notes Kuester. “Get to know the board and find out more about how you can propose your ideas and gain support.”


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