Remote Trotters Offers a Yearlong Global Travel Experience for Working Professionals

For many modern professionals working from home has become a way of life. A new company called Remote Trotters would like to invite you to combine remote working with a trip around the world. You could join 80 other professionals who will travel around the globe on a yearlong journey.

Not only can you immerse yourself in new cultures, working environments and lifestyles, but Remote Trotters will take care of the travel arrangements and ensure that all of the necessities to continue working are provided. Remote Trotters offers a unique experience within a tight knit community of fellow professionals that share your love of journeying to exotic locales. You will build lifelong friendships and professional relationships that will enrich your social and business lives. This yearlong adventure will broaden the minds of travelers, offer relaxing getaways and change lives.

Remote Trotters will start the 12 month journey on March 5, 2016 in New Delhi, India. From there, participants will spend 30 days in each new city including Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Istanbul, Prague, Munich (includes visit to authentic Oktoberfest), Barcelona, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro. The final stop is scheduled to coincide with Rio’s famous Carnivale. An entire month is allocated to each destination so that you can experience the glorious weather, cultural features and unique exploration opportunities; at each stop, you can completely immerse yourself in the exciting culture and festivities of that unique country.

Each month long stay will cost only $2,000 – less than $70 a day – which will be collected at the beginning of each month. This fee will include room, travel, WiFi and planned activities. Only 80 participants will be included in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You must deposit the $2,000 registration fee to reserve your spot, so visit Remote Trotters Membership now!

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