The Great World Novel Project Pioneers a New Form of Literary Authorship

Because creating and writing stories has been in existence for millennia, it is rare that a fundamentally new kind of writing is born, but that is what the team behind The Great World Novel has accomplished.  Katherine Robinson, Ranjani Sridhara, Brian Schwartz, Avery Hairston and Spencer Wolfe have innovated a completely new form of authorship: crowdsourced.  The Great World Novel is written by a number of authors who generate a small portion of the story based upon what previous authors have composed.  Each author is allotted only six hours to complete their part of the novel, or they will be moved to the last position in the line.

This innovative new business and literary creation idea allows writers to contribute to a powerful storyline without investing the years necessary to write their own novel.  Furthermore, this venture is sure to generate a monetary return, because each contributor must provide a small fee to join the project.  The received funds will be used to organize the team of novelists, make hard copies of the book and support literacy.

The Great World Novel project was devised by recent graduates who are members of Venture for America, an organization that helps develop entrepreneurs.  The team behind the project intend for the novel to be published by January 2015.  They reserve the right to edit all contributions for grammar and inappropriate content.  A small portion of the funds raised will be used to support the Reading is Fundamental organization, which encourages children to read.

In order to allow as many writers as possible to contribute to this historic project, The Great World Novel  team has partnered with Indiegogo to sponsor a fundraising campaign.  Financial supporters will be able to contribute sentences, pages, pictures, titles or the cover to this one of a kind project depending upon their financial pledge.  To learn more about The Great World Novel and to join the team, please visit

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