Sauhuton Started Selling a Wide Range of E-Cigarette Accessories and Refills Online

Vapers or e-cigarette users often find it difficult to buy e-cigarette accessories as stores selling these products are really very few. Sauhuton recently started selling e-cig accessories and refills online.

Sauhuton, a premium seller of e-cigarette accessories and e-liquids, recently announced that products of nearly all top brands will be available through their website from now onwards.  The owners said that they have started selling electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and e-cigarette accessories of top brands can now be directly bought through their website. They added that complete e-cigarette kits from all major brands are now featured on their product list.

Sauhuton is a Finland based ecommerce enterprise that sells e-cigarettes and all related essentials. The Finnish owners of the store said that from starter kits to e-liquid refills, everything that e-cigarette vapers need to buy are now available on their website. They also claimed that both nicotine and non-nicotine products are now being sold through their online. They added that their services are available in four countries including Germany, the UK, Sweden and Finland.

One of the co-owners and co-founders of the ecommerce enterprise recently talked at length about the products available on their store now. “From cartomizers to atomizers, from refills to spare parts, we are now offering a broad variety of products to our patrons. E-liquid products are available now in 10ml to 30ml bottles. New users can also choose from the starter kits from different big brands. We hope that people who are trying to quit smoking can easily find their favourite products in our store and that they can easily move to a better and a healthier life,” the co-owner added.

Another top executive of the online store said that they are looking to make e-cigarettes even more popular among users. “We know many people are really serious about quitting smoking. But they cannot always find the right products due to sheer dearth of good e-commerce stores. Our aim is to make e-cigarette shopping more convenient for vaping enthusiasts. We have also included PayPal payment option so that users can easily pay for the products they buy,” said the executive during a recently held press event.


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Sauhuton is an online store that sells e-cigarettes, e-cigarette accessories and e-cigarette refills.

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