Mayfield Body Corporate Managers Explain How Owner’s Corporations Work

Owners Corporation Management Company, Mayfield offers comprehensive list of services that puts their client’s minds at ease with the knowledge that their asset management is in capable hands. The company offers a modern solution that consist of all the faucets of Owner’s Corporations including ensuring compliance with the Owners Corporation Act 2006 and OC regulations 2007, record management and more taking off some weight of responsibility off an Owner’s Corporations committee. The company’s highly skilled team of managers recently talked about the meaning and the purpose of Owner’s Corporation.

The Mayfield Body Corporate management explained: “Owner’s Corporations, also called Body Corporates, are created to help administer the site of dwellings that share common areas. This might include maintaining common areas, setting regulations for living in the property, and enforcing these responsibilities in accordance with the Owner’s Corporation Act (2006).”

The law has been created to outline the duties and powers of an owner’s corporation. The managers further explained that people who own a flat, apartment or a unit which contains common property with other owners of properties that are part of a subdivision registered with Land Victoria are members of an owner’s corporation. Therefore as a member, owners have various legal and financial some duties to fulfill such as short and longer term maintenance planning, holding an annual general meeting, organizing building insurance, electing a chairperson, collecting the appropriate levies and keeping unit owners informed.

The members choose a committee made up of owners that best represent them, according to the rules it is mandatory to have at least 3 members up to a maximum of 12. The committee member then elects a Chairperson and Secretary. One of the many responsibilities of the committee and especially the chairperson and secretary is to efficiently manage common funds collected through levies on the lot owners. It is also the responsibility of the committee to ensure that the common areas are maintained, the rules are fair and legally compliant.

The spokesperson further said: “Handling all these responsibilities isn’t easy, which is why using Mayfield Body Corporate management can make things a lot easier.  We help ensure that Owner’s Corporations are being administered in accordance with the rulings and regulations imposed by the Act and its Regulations as amended. The power still resides with the Committee though; all we do is take the worry out of it all, and make sure that you can get on with enjoying your investment.”


Mayfield is a new age Owners Corporation Management company that excels in providing a service that is the benchmark of the industry.

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