VH Nutrition Follows Up Eatmor Appetite Stimulant With New Impoved LipaVex Fat Burning Formula

VH Nutrition made headlines with an appetite stimulant designed to help those lacking hunger, and are now following up with the a potent fat burner to help people shed excess pounds.

VH Nutrition recently revolutionized the supplement market with a niche supplement that would increase appetite. It was created for those looking to transform their health and fitness, but who lacked the energy to do so through lack of consumption. Now, they are attracting attention once again due to their latest supplement, a fat burning formula called LipaVex. While some see this as a conflict of interest, VH Nutrition has defended the skinny pills supplement as being complementary. 

The new fat burner is designed to rid individuals of the unwanted effects of eating, the excess fat storage that comes with the caloric intake necessary to build muscle and develop fitness. So while the appetite stimulant helps people take in the nutrients they need, the fat burner helps them eradicate the unwanted side-effects. This allows people to get the best of both worlds, simultaneously bulking and cutting and getting better results in less time.

LipaVex skinny pills on Amazon use thermagenic ingredients that boost the metabolism and start working as soon as they are absorbed, recommended for use with a work out to double up the metabolic boost and tear through fat supplies more effectively. For those struggling with excess appetite, the supplement can even act as an appetite suppressor in its own right.

A spokesperson for VH Nutrition explained, “With our first product, we helped millions of people who had been neglected by the health industry’s current obsession with the obesity epidemic. With this latest product, we are aiming to further optimize that offer while simultaneously helping those on the other end of the spectrum. Taken together in smart combinations and properly timed, these supplements can help people do the eating they need to do to power their body in the moment, then shed the storage their body naturally attempts, creating a finely tuned machine.”

About VH Nutrition:

VH Nutrition is an innovative supplement company with a special focus on providing effective, proven supplement products for those with unique supplementation needs. Recently launching their breakthrough appetite stimulant Eatmor, VH Nutrition has created something that many thought was impossible; an all-natural appetite booster which regularly works within the hour, allowing users to activate their appetite almost instantly.

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