GetClassical Offers New Yorkers an Opportunity to Experience Spectacular Classical Music in a Profoundly Intimate Way

For centuries classical music was enjoyed through small gatherings in the salons of prominent patrons, allowing fans to have an immersive and profoundly intimate musical experience. In recent generations, this has given way to impersonal concerts and recordings, but a new organization, GetClassical ( is working to re-introduce these small audience performances to New York society. By showcasing the immense talents of performers like Vassily Primakov, Natalia Lavrova and David Aladashvili and many others, GetClassical not only inspires local classical music lovers but also provides a unique opportunity to mingle with performers.

Founded by music journalist Ilona Oltuski, GetClassical offers performances in a variety of venues from Weill Recital Hall to Soho art gallery Louis Meisel and the Jazz Club Zinc Bar. These relaxed and friendly performances often accompanied by wine and refreshments enable performers to play piano or cello with unabashed zeal as they react to the audience only a few feet away. Many of the performers are longtime stars of the New York music scene, while others are only beginning their illustrious careers.

While GetClassical has enjoyed an enormous response from the community, their success has compelled the organization to expand their schedule. In order to line up top performers and secure the requisite audio and video production equipment, GetClassical has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $5,000. GetClassical is also asking for grand piano donations for use in performances. In return for supporting this historic project, backers can receive a best seat reservation for two at an upcoming Zinc Bar performance.

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