New Piano Concerto by Peter Thorne is an exciting and colorful Composition that Will Rivet Audiences

For famed British composer, Peter Thorne, music has been a lifelong passion. Whether cultivating the musical talents of young students or staging performances by world renowned artists, Peter Thorne is a master of this timeless art form. Peter has enriched his many illustrious career achievements by creating a new piano concerto that will be performed by celebrated pianist Peter Seivewright and accompanied by the New London Orchestra conducted by Ron Corp.

This new work by Peter Thorne is sure to impress lovers of jazz and contemporary classical music alike. They will appreciate the spectacular performance by Peter Seivewright whose long list of career successes include recording works of, twentieth century American composers as well as keyboard concertos of Johann Sebastian Bach and many other works from different periods. Ron Corp is a distinguished conductor who founded the New London Orchestra and performed with the BBC Concert Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

This latest piano concerto by Peter Thorne is a testament to his peaking compositional skills and his masterful grasp of music. The performance will be one of the cultural high points for the musical community, which is the primary reason Peter would like to preserve it as a digital recording. In order to complete this project, Peter estimates that £25,000 will be needed. To secure these funds, Peter Thorne has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Backers of this project can obtain a signed CD which will include the piano concerto and other piano pieces.

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