“RUSH2Sisterhood” Explores the Exciting and Challenging World of Sorority Recruitment

Each year, thousands of young female college students rush for a sorority. These young ladies are swept up in the excitement and pageantry of potentially joining national organizations that sport prominent, successful members and rich traditions that often date back decades or, even, centuries. However, for many of these candidates, the rush process can be a mysterious one. In order to demystify this process, filmmaker Beth McKinney is producing a documentary entitled “RUSH2Sisterhood” which will follow potential candidates at several of Alabama’s most celebrated colleges.

Beth is producing “RUSH2Sisterhood” as a thesis project for her Master of Fine Arts program at National University in Los Angeles. “RUSH2Sisterhood” is intended to serve as an important educational resource for students considering joining a sorority. Beth and her documentary team will capture the emotional rollercoaster of sorority recruitment by following three candidates at the University of Alabama, Auburn University and the University of Northern Alabama. The film will also include interviews with present sorority members and alumni. “RUSH2Sisterhood” will be shot on RED Epic Cameras and will be entered into at least ten film festivals.

This film project is estimated to cost $25,000 which will include equipment rental, crew salaries, travel & accommodations, post production, film festival fees and distribution. To raise these funds, Beth McKinney has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. In return for your support, you can receive valuable perks like film downloads, T-shirts, signed movie posters, signed DVDs, film credits, film festival tickets, invitation to the premier party, or Associate Producer credits. If you are unable to financially support this project, please consider sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

To learn more about “RUSH2Sisterhood” or to make a financial contribution, please visit http://bit.ly/1GlmvlO

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