Shelley Devine’s Evolve Bootcamp Appears in USA Today Photo Essay About Fitness and Wellness

Boston Fitness Trainer and Coach, Shelley Devine’s Evolve Bootcamp was chosen to participate in a photo essay for USA Today about Fitness and Wellness. Devine was selected due to her special expertise on Fitness and Wellness.

Shelley Devine, Fitness Trainer and Coach of Evolve Bootcamp in Boston, Massachusetts was selected out of many submissions to appear in a national photo essay in on Fitness and Wellness.

Devine was selected because of her track record of helping her clients maintain and embrace a healthy lifestyle and her 5 Star Reputation in her local community.

Shelley Devine expressed, “I was elated to have Evolve Bootcamp chosen for the photo essay. It’s my goal to inspire and teach others about living a fit and healthy lifestyle.” Devine added: “The photo generated a lot of positive buzz for me and what we do at Evolve Bootcamp.”

In the photo, students from Shelley Devine’s Evolve Bootcamp class are working out in an outdoor environment doing high intensity interval training using their own body weight and plyometric movements.

Devine’s goal is to deliver a sense of warmth, friendliness, and spirit, along with butt kicking, hellishly, fun filled, workouts that embody a caring attitude evoking the idea; “every body that exercises outside… does so without boundaries and naturally evolves!” according to Devine.

Shelley Devine, is the founder and owner of Evolve Bootcamp, a personal training and bootcamp service dedicated to motivating and educating clients on establishing and maintaining a balanced, healthy and fit lifestyle.

Evolve Bootcamp was founded in 2009 with the purpose to get you back to your true essence by breathing fresh air, adapting to seasonal change, and moving your body naturally as you run down paths along a river, leap over puddles, lift your own body weight, get dirty, jump to new heights, on grass fields under the open sky.  

As a Fitness and Wellness Professional, Shelley’s mission is to inspire and teach others about living a fit and healthy lifestyle. She believes staying active outdoors everyday is a no brainer to creating, maintaining and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

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